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Gál Tibor

I would like to introduce you Tibor Gál.
He was a middle- and long distance runner, took part in triathlon and badminton competitions. He worked as an officer at Magyar Honvédség. He had engineer- and coach qualifications, and also had a polytechnic- and sport-science Phd diploma.
Tibor had became handicapped as a result of a traffic accident. (His PB in halfmaraton was 1.04 before the accident!!)
He had leaded the marketing of Saucony in Hungary for 8 years. He also established a specialist’s shop of running called Maratonman Depo, where he first inducted the computer diagnostics of foot position measurement technology.
Currently, he leads the shop- and the sportdiagnostics laboratory of Runners’Lab.
Besides it, he works as a coach in many sports, and writes training plans for runners (ask Mohilla Tamás for more information).

He regularly does works of mercy, looks for collaborative partners, supports the need and talented sportsmen/sportswomen.

We’re glad to have you between us, Tibi!😊