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Hámori Krisztina

I’d been doing taekwondo from September 1994 to March 2015, then I quit doing it because of familial reasons. After that, I decided to do a Msc Diploma in Eger. However, I had to do a successful physical test to apply for the school. So I started running, which I hated during my whole life, but I decided I will continue running if I get admitted. Well, I’m a runner since Juy 2017. I had completed numerous races and wanted to be a charity runner, so I looked for a foundation. I got to know Péter Rábits, who asked me if I wanted to join a glad,smiling team. I answered ‘YES’ without thinking. We have goals, and in favour of them I will wear our red T-shirt and do my bit especially from January, after I’ll have done my state exam. I’m glad to be a member of the team!